Workshops for parents

•120 MINUTEs • @ Serendipity Centre, #02-05, 51 WaterLoo St, Singapore 187969

To book and/or check the next available dates for any workshop, please join our Meet Up group Conscious Parenting Training Playgroups.

Workshops are great group courses designed to focus on a single parenting subject of your interest. It is advisable to have taken the Module 1 Class on Brain Development to make the most of the workshop, however it is not compulsory.

  • Surviving Tantrums
  • Raising Girls
  • Raising Boys
  • Anxious Children and Supporting Sensitive Children
  • Raising Strong-Willed Children
  • Combining Love & Limits - How to say No
  • Let's Talk About Sleep
  • Prepare to Parent
  • Childcare - Getting It Right
  • Your Competent Child : How Children Thrive
  • Siblings : Creating a Breeding Ground for Love
  • How to Deal with Bad Behaviour



13 Sept 2017    9:30 - 12:00 pm

 @ serendipity centre, #02-05, 51 WaterLoo St, Singapore 187969

Raging Children - what to do? 

  • Exhausted Parents - how to deal with your own emotions in the heat of the moment?
  • How to stay the parent you want to be?
  • How to strengthen the bond between you and your child with every tantrum?

You will learn how to understand your child better, respond more effectively during a tantrum and how to get a better grip on your own emotions.